My predictions for the 2022 MLB postseason

Alright, Alright Settle your asses down. The playoffs haven’t even started yet and the conversations I’ve been having with a few baseball meat heads has me thinking I need to fill out one of these brackets just like every other turd floating out here in the internet.

What qualifies me to make any prediction?

Not a goddamn thing.

Am I going to do it either way? Yes of course. Just try and shut me up about it for the next 30 days.

So Who’s going to win this thing?

The Wildcard

NL Wildcard 1: Phillies over Cardinals in 3

As much as I’d love to see Albert Pujols and Yadi pull off the most epic end to a career ever I just am kinda ready to put those boys to bed. I’m a huge Pujols fan but watching him lumbering around on the base paths is kinda getting to me. Not sure why. Maybe its because that’s how I run now.

NL Wildcard 2: Mets over Padres in 2

The Mets were my prediction to go all the way until the Braves made em look like chumps last week. I’m still pulling for them deep down but a quick little reality check on how long the season is and what it may do to your mind losing right at the end I think is going to carry over into the post season. Of course this is all after they beat the hell out of the Padres and their fancy pants ugly ass uniforms.

AL Wildcard 1: Guardians over Rays in 2

I can’t find it in me to give a crap about The Guardians this season for some reason. They’re an AL Central division team so I automatically have to hate them. Tampa Bay? Some great players in the shittiest stadium on the planet earth.

AL Wildcard 2: Blue Jays over Mariners in 3

The Jays are probably my second favorite team this year and as much as I love me some Seattle Rookies killing it the Jays are just fun to watch and I’m pulling for them…..oh and yes they also play in a pretty shitty turf riddled stadium as well.

The Division Series


NLDS 1: Braves over Phillies

I hate that the Phillies have become one of clubs that I’ve watched more this season. One reason. Kyle Schwarber hitting bombs all season long. I’ll be happy if either team wins this one but the Braves got it.

NLDS 2: Dodgers over Mets

This one sucks to type out but I think LA will take out the Mets. It pains me deep down to type it but I just think that end of the season bad taste in the mouths of everyone pulling for the Mets won’t be gone and LA will take advantage of it somehow.


ALDS 1: Yankees over Guardians

Screw the Yankees, Screw the Guardians. Hate em both but Hate Cleveland way more this season. The Yankees will win it and I’ll dislike watching it the entire time. But I’ll still watch. I am a baseball fan after all.

ALDS 2: Astros over Blue Jays

I’m really pulling for this to line up and the Astros and Jays play in the ALDS. This will be the one of the most fun matchups of the post season. Mets Dodgers will be good but Astros Jays will be just as enjoyable. Jays are Young so I’m going with Houston on this one.

The Championship Series


NLDS 2: Houston over Yankees

I’m a Yankee hater deep down so I’m pulling for Houston to win this series.


NLDS 2: Dodgers over Braves

As much as I’d love the Braves to pull this one off I’m a bigger fan of the Dodgers this season.

The World Series

Dodgers over Houston

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